Rintal – Staircase design Made in Italy

The reference in production of tailor-made internal staircases, railings and coverings for stairs and mezzanines.
Since 1974, Rintal has a leader in the design and manufacture of staircases in Italy and overseas. Focusing on technological innovation, techniques and design, Rintal designs solutions that transform the staircase into a piece of furnishing for contemporary spaces, adapting them to any kind of requirement.
Rintal is a leading Italian company in the international market of staircases, displaying its strengths in design, quality and organisation skills.

Video: Prima by Rinta and Giugiaro at the MADE Expo Fair | Collaboration between Rintal and Giugiaro Architettura


Scale Rintal

Quality, design and technology, together

The staircases, railings and mezzanines by Rintal stand out for their quality of materials, design properties and advanced technology.

Pre- and post-sales assistance

Rintal Professionals support Customers from the design stages up to the installation of the product, offering a professional and complete service.

Total professionalism

Each Rintal Solution can be customised according to style and budget.


For further information about our range of staircases, railings and coverings for mezzanines and masonry staircases, please contact:

Rintal S.p.A.
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47122 (FC) Forlì
Phone: +39 0543 791111
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