Bertolotto: only doors from 1988.

Bertolotto Porte S.p.A. is an Italian company among the world’s leader manufacturers of interior doors in a classic, modern and design style, made with high-tech manufacturing, with a high level of quality, reliable over time, eco-friendly. These are the highlights of the product Bertolotto, with the added bonus of the “hand of man” that controls, concludes and personalizes.

Research, innovation and creativity are the key elements of Bertolotto production process. Increase over time the value of products through the continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness of the company is a strategic project of Bertolotto Porte SpA, an industrial evolved project, a measure of consumers’ desires for a better quality of life. Make doors that will last a lifetime, because the client’s wishes are not standard.


Bertolotto doors Made in Italy

Selection range

38 thousand models, 35 solid wood, 78 standard colors to offer the widest choice of interior doors market.

Design and customization

Solutions tailored to each client. Thanks to the work of the Research and Development department, the company is able to provide products that meet customer requirements and legislation around the world.

Original and signed product

Each item carries the seal of Bertolotto, a guarantee of quality in time.


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