Contract Made in Italy


For an easier and lighter management of all commercial and technical aspects related to your project.


Coordinate shippings to provide into a single solution all products for the furnishing of your home.


Products with unique and elegant style, customizable for every need.


Entirely made in Italy with the best raw materials and the use of the most advanced production technologies.


Worldwide operating network with partners and official distributors.


Personalized advice to study the best solutions to suit your project.

Who we are and why we do network

Who is Italia Home Design?

Italia Home Design is a network made by three Italian companies: Bertolotto Porte, Rintal Scale and SPI Finestre.
Each of these realities, in their field of expertise, is considered a leader for quality and design of its products.
The three companies have over thirty years of success behind them and a staff formed by 500 employees.
All companies that make part of Italian Home Design have in common the same philosophy and the same core values, as well as the same standards.
This means offering on the market windows, doors and stairs that can boast a unique and elegant design, in 100% Made in Italy style, that grant technical performance beyond any expectation.
In addition, all products offered by Italia Home Design use very high quality raw materials, that are certificated about the health of paints and other items used.

Why we do network?

Unlike companies that operate individually in various markets, Italia Home Design can count on the strength given by the aggregation of different companies that constitute it and therefore acts as single point of contact for finishing of house interior.
Coordinate and faster deliveries, comprehensive advice on projects, business integrated management and technical aspects are just a few examples of the benefits of relying on a network of companies, with respect to having to interface with several companies for the supply of various products of living.